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Don't wild Pokemon always select their moves at random?
yeah pretty sure there's no AI (Legends Arceus might be an exception since there's other factors in play) there they just do whatever they want.
If they boom or not is completely up to chance

If you're going to hunt something that goes boom your best bet is to just bring something with Damp (assuming it's available, anyway...)

Kin+ak (✧∇✧)

My firat ecer ever ever shiny was a magikaro via raid during the 2022 new year raid events to wish Good luck gia shiny odds magikarp. Got two, and my first full odd shiny was mothim in pla, during the playthrough (kept it till volo final battle and finally used it agaisnt arceus to kill god With my beloved shiny)
I was recently doing some Ultra Wormholes in Ultra Moon. It was pretty casual, so I wasn't really expecting to find anything. Eventually, I find a Yveltal and decide that I wanted to shiny hunt it. About 9 encounters later I get this:
I did have the shiny charm, but it was still pretty low odds.
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A good WTF moment, as I literally hatched this shiny Hisuian Sneasel moments ago!!! No shiny charm or anything!
I was breeding Pokémon to bring along in PLA, as I will often do for new games (a mix of old faves and OU and Doubles I’ve been meaning to add to my collection). I was just trying to get the right nature on a female, when this beauty hatched. I’m going to get enough bottle caps to boost the IVs, train in PLA, and then transfer back to Violet for competitive battles.

Named Goldfinger, because I’m a bit of a Bond fan.



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Randomly walking around Canyon Biome for the first time, catching all the new mons and battling all the trainers - not one but two Shiny Tyrogue show up within two minutes of each other.

First one didn’t want to come quietly, had to Nuzzle him down to low health before a Repeat Ball could eventually take him. Second one jumped right in the Quick Ball.
Alright so I found myself doing bbqs in the dlc (blueberry quests, not barbecue, for any silly people -_-), when one of them asked for a photo of a mon in the polar area. Seemed simple enough, so I went there. Near the outdoor classroom was a small group of solosis so I went "Eh, good enough!" So I took em a photo with a random cubchoo!

I kept looking at them since I love the whole solosis line when I went "Hey wait a minute why does this one look different?"

Just in case, I decided to walk up to her and whaddaya know?


Ngl this felt kinda cathartic idk why
Interesting thread. My first was gen 3 Cave of Origin Sableye, do not have now. But I do have LOTS of shinies, I like them slightly, but they're too common these days to make much fuss over imo.

At present I have shinies of Clodsire, Wyrdeer, Galvantula, Hypno, Oinkologne(whole line, so both F and M and Lechonk,) Makuhita, Sneasel, Iron Valiant, Shinx, Luxray, Gumshoos, Geodude, Magikarp(useless un evod, if I do then it seems like the scripted shiny LOL,) uhh. Traded away Skiddo, probably over 100 on Go. I did give someone else an HGSS shiny Goldeen, then there are a minimum of 4 shinies(actually pretty sure is 4,) that I failed to get. The suicidal Koffing in Kitakami, a Shelmet Thund-I used Discharge on in gen 8, and 2 more in sv, a Diglett I didn't know how to engage, and Hawlucha...forgot the situation, probably Kingambit ohkod. I've had other shinies, who knows where anything goes. But yeah, common-ish.

EDIT: Geodude was a bit funny. I realized too late it was probably Explosion like they all seemed to be, so I just used a poke ball w/o damaging it and got it(I only particularly like plain poke lol.) That was lucky, also have a shiny Geodude in PLA too if I'm not too lazy to transfer.

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a while ago i stumbled upon this thread and voted "no" since i had not in fact ever found a shiny pokemon, despite playing gens 1-5 many times (and gen 8 one time)

finally this july i found this bad boy while i was playing an... interesting... english translation of emerald

i was really worried that this would be the only shiny pokemon i ever found. thankfully when i went to do the generation 3 living dex challenge in august, i found this guy while looking for volbeat! as a nice bonus he has a perfect attack IV and i was able to catch him in a premier ball.


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Alright so I found myself doing bbqs in the dlc (blueberry quests, not barbecue, for any silly people -_-), when one of them asked for a photo of a mon in the polar area. Seemed simple enough, so I went there. Near the outdoor classroom was a small group of solosis so I went "Eh, good enough!" So I took em a photo with a random cubchoo!

I kept looking at them since I love the whole solosis line when I went "Hey wait a minute why does this one look different?"

Just in case, I decided to walk up to her and whaddaya know?

Wow, you got a very good eye! I would have never spotted that.

... I fell on top of my Shiny Reuniclus.

"Whoops, sorry Reuniclus, didn't mean for Miraidon to let go... why are you minty fresh?"

I caught it in a Premier Ball I believe. I tried using a Friend Ball but no luck.
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Did run into a Shiny Scizor while BB questing online. Apart from being pestered by “come take the photo” it was a good experience.

Was my first Shiny under the influence of Sparkling Power (and Steel Power) too, so I can’t say I managed to vanilla all my shinies anymore.

Managed to find a couple of Delibird shinies too in the recent event.


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While only the original Pokémon Rumble game that was available on WiiWare actually has randomly appearing Shiny Pokémon, later installments in the series would still introduce something as compensation for the removal of random Shiny Pokémon in the form of a new Special Trait. I've talked about this in other threads in greater detail, but the Epic Trait in Pokémon Rumble Blast and Pokémon Rumble World (both being 3DS titles that would later have a cartridge release) actually has the same odds of appearing on a befriended Pokémon in each of these games as a Pokémon in core series games has of being Shiny. Pokémon Rumble World made a significant change from the previous game with its Epic Pokémon, however- in this one, you can actually have as many of them as you want. Or I guess I should say, as many as you can find.

Epic hunting is such a criminally underrated side hobby that's provided me with several hours of entertainment compared to Shiny hunting for a couple of reasons. The main draw is that unlike Shiny Pokémon, Epics actually play differently compared to their normal bretheren. Shiny Pokémon in the original Rumble game did have Special Traits too, but they weren't any different Special Traits from what any other Pokémon might have, meaning that Shiny Pokémon were still largely an aesthetic change in that game. Having missed out on quote "real Shinies" in a Rumble game, due to out on the original WiiWare game, playing through stages as one normally would for the sole purpose of hunting Epic Traits in Rumble World is a fantastic replacement, with added bonus of actually having all the Pokémon up to that point unlike the original WiiWare installment.

The similarities between Shinies and Epics don't end there, though. Whereas you can only Shiny hunt certain Pokémon using certain methods, you can also only find certain Pokémon in the Rumble series by playing specific stages over and over again. My favorite area to hunt in is Pokémon Rumble World's "Changing Land" stage, which is the closest any Rumble game has ever gotten to a randomizer mode- a feature that would usually make Shiny Hunting infinitely more exciting in my opinion.


I'll stop talking about this now so I don't distract the conversations here away from actual Shiny Pokémon experiences, but for my money's worth, Epic hunting provides a very similar experience with more fulfilling Pokémon gameplay as a reward for your patience. I might be alone in thinking this, but adding Epic Pokémon alone would instantly improve my enjoyment of any future core series games that does so, especially if we can get Epic Shinies for the first time. Plus, I would love to be able to relive the memory that shot Espeon into the top tiers for me on August 7th, 2019.
I'll get to why I quoted my last post here later, but first I want to talk about how I've recently gotten back into Shiny hunting, specifically in Scarlet & Violet's DLC but I might also decide to take up one of my high school friend's offer to do some, as he called it, "retro Shiny hunts" before Pokémon Bank is discontinued. To avoid any confusion, yes, we both know that Bank is excluded from the April 2024 3DS Internet shutdown. If anyone's curious, our top prospect right now is Poipole in Ultra Sun & Moon, and I also heard him mention Darkrai in Platinum even though I remember hearing the void glitch is safer in Diamond & Pearl or something, I don't know.

As for Scarlet & Violet Shinies, I have a handful I've picked up recently, provided most of them aren't ones I was actively looking for. I spent a lot of time during the fall months putting off completing the DLC's story because I just wasn't that interested for a while, but when I got back into it for The Teal Mask I found a full-odds Shiny Starly in Kitakami that eventually became a permanent member of my Indigo Disk team. As I was exploring the map just to see if I could find anything interesting, I also came across a full-odds Magneton, a full-odds Pikipek found within an hour of another Shiny from an outbreak, and a Sawsbuck that was also from an outbreak but didn't yet have the boosted odds from defeating all those extra Pokémon. All of those three were in the Terarium. My only real major hunt that I've been trying to go after in the Terarium was for Totodile, specially without having to resort to finding a rare Totodile outbreak while still allowing myself to use a Shiny Water Sandwich and/or the Lv. 1 Sparkling Power boost you can get at the Blueberry Academy cafeteria that I didn't know existed until I randomly found it during an unrelated Google search. So far, those efforts have resulted in three Dewpider, one Bruxish, and a Tentacruel that was in a different area but spawned while the boost was still active.

The reason I quoted that post is the same reason I wanted to get back into Shiny hunting, even if it's not full-time, and that's because something about these Shinies in particular reminds me of the rewarding grinds I used to go on for those Epic Pokémon back in Rumble World. It certainly helps for motivation that me and another friend went for Espeon back in August of last year in a Union Circle at maximum odds and we ended up finding three of these guys between the two of us. I couldn't begin to explain in full detail, but running around the map without a care in the world looking for these guys brings back memories of playing Rumble World and getting jumpscared by the game whenever a Pokémon I knocked over would be an Epic. There's no way anything in this DLC is going to compete with the Epic Espeon moment- scratch that, I'm not sure anything in the main series at all will ever top this- but if I can handle that, making a Shiny Totodile grind harder on myself than it needs to be should be a piece of cake by comparison. For comparison, that Espeon took me over four years and over 300 hours of in game time to find at full odds
I have caught more shinies in Scarlet than in the rest of the main games combined. In the terrarium in particular I caught a Doduo and an Electabuzz the first day of playing just as I was exploring around. I know it's easier now but I have only found a couple in Paldea and a Charjabug in Kitakami while I have an almost full box from the terrarium.

I don't usually actively shiny hunt so imagine my reaction when starting a new save in Sapphire, my first ever videogame, I got a shiny Treecko, my first ever starter. It's probably staying as a Grovyle but before transferring it over I would like to get some ribbons on it. I hope I don't screw over its contest stats.

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